Monday, October 6, 2008

The Egg Factory

Well, it was back to the Egg Factory for me and my brother on Saturday morning. Well, it was his first time here, and we decided to come here since we had to drop by his school to take a photograph of him in front of a statue which had the names of students from the school who participated in world war 2, for a project he was doing as a part of his curriculum.

My only worry that morning was that it would rain, because just as we left I noticed dark clouds and realised then (a little too late) that it had rained the previous night. I was in a Tee and shorts, while my brother was not in anything more helpful (A Tee and a pair of bermudas).

I ordered an orange juice for myself and my brother had a mango juice. Since I was in the mood to really tuck into something, I ordered a garden frittata which came with a large portion of garlic bread,

and also a herbed egg sub to complete my breakfast.

Since my brother was having a hard time deciding which sub to order, I kinda prodded him towards the piperade, which was something I had had during my previous visit (first visit) here.
Being a fussy eater that he is, it was quite a sight to watch him tuck into his sub and at the end of his meal acknowledge that he was happy with what he ate and was 'full'. After a good breakfast, I went home and slept until it was time for lunch (no wonder I've again started putting on weight).

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