Monday, October 20, 2008

Russell Peters, the game at Tavern, and a burger

Russell Peters came to Bangalore for the second time in 3 years (he came here last in 2006), and as usual, there was a mad scramble for the tickets, but the real mad scramble was at the venue, which was crammed with cars of all shapes, sizes and makes, all hoping to get one of the limited parking slots. And again, as usual, some of us Indians who love being so Indian, turned up late for the show (no surprise there!). As much as I'm tempted to type out a few of the new jokes Russell belted out, I won't, so let's not push this thing any further.

After the show, we headed towards Tavern at the Inn (in Museum Inn) to catch the Manchester United - West Bromwich Albion game. Oh, I forgot, I was with my friends SeniorAnalyst (my classmate in school from class 1 to 12, with whom I've played several games of cricket in the school team and wear our house colours in school), and another school friend CrazyHairDude, who, well, is lucky coz he's got curly hair and girls find that cute! Well, in any case, we got to Tavern and ordered our first round of drinks: Mojitos. I think the show, along with the prospect of catching the game at Tavern with booze and buddies must have gotten to my head (even before the booze), coz normally I don't drink if I have to drive back home (I think we've been through this before, I'm a goody boy). In any case, this was the first time I was having a Mojito and to be honest, rum kinda felt good in my system :) I think I have a spiritual connection with the spirits, no one spirit in particular coz I'm not the kind who discriminates.

After the Mojito, SeniorAnalyst ordered for some chilly chicken, and was just the kind of food that we required while the game started. Chicken and booze...I hope they have this in heaven, or else I wouldn't want to go there. I had a tequila after the Mojito, and with the introduction of some American corn and peanut masala, followed by SeniorAnalysts favourite- french fries and chilly sauce.

The first half turned out to be pretty boring, and by that I mean there were no goals scored, although Rooney netted a beauty only to be disallowed by the ref. A round of beers followed, and that's when the fun started to begin. I finished my first mug, and when I started on the second, a friend of SeniorAnalyst joined us.

I had to shift my cute bottoms to make room for him, and when I got up, the whole room spun around my eyes, and I realised that either I need more water in my system or more food, or I'd have a tough time driving home, especially since it was a Saturday night and the coppers would be out checking for drunken driving.

The draught beer served at Tavern is called Spitfire beer, after the famed world war 2 British fighter aircraft, and there's a sign board at Tavern that's a play on words, and reads "No Fokker can come close" or something like that, obviously referring to the Dutch Fokker plane, and any fu**er (I'm guessing).

A second mug and a lot of spoons of peanut masala later, along with a couple of glasses of water, I was on my way out, saying my byes to my pals. Walking past The Only Place, I suddenly had an urge to have a burger parceled to take back home, and so that's just what I did. I ordered a steak burger with cheese (for my lil experiment to find the best burgers in Bangalore). The drive back was uneventful, thankfully.

The steak was well done, and it was worth the 110 bucks I paid, but there wasn't anything 'special' about it, and so I don't know why this was particularly recommended to me by someone who had previously posted a comment for one of the articles. Maybe next time I'll go for the all American beef burger with cheese, and hopefully I'll have better results.


Ashwin said...

We went there on Saturday and asked for Spitfire beer. The waiter could not understand. I said what beer do you have? He Said KF draught. So where's the spitfire?

Karthik Shetty said...

Well in that case, I've been scammed! Oh heavens. They had a sign there claiming so, and when I asked one of the waiters, he said yes. Now I think he was more drunk than I was!

Ashwin said...

Ha ha. Yup...the waiters seem drunk. We ordered peanut masala. There were four of us and he gave two spoons. We asked him for extra spoons over 20 times (no kidding) and in the end he said they have only 50 spoons in the pub and there are 100 people in the pub right now. THEY RAN OUT OF SPOONS!

Karthik Shetty said...

They ran out of spoons??? Seriously? Wow, must have been like, the worst drinking night of your life :)

Arjun said...

Dude... Super! :) I love this blog.. have read only two posts and am a fan already! :) Oh also the fact that i spoke to senioranalyst and crazyhairdude while you guys were at tavern puts things in a different light... strange they failed to mention you... guess the spitfire got to them too huh? :) Good on ya mate.. BTW, next time I am there you are gonna take me to eat the best burger in blore.

Karthik Shetty said...

It wasnt the spitifre, it was the mohitos that got to them :) and sure, hopefully when ur here, I'd have got a list of 10 from which I can actually conclude which is numero uno


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