Friday, October 3, 2008

More than Parathas

A colleague and very close friend of mine Mr. SharjahBound, is going to be leaving India to join his father's business in Sharjah as an operations manager in the aluminum casting industry. He had recommended this place for quite a while now, and finally we decided to head out on Saturday, his last week in Bangalore and in India.

Going a la carte is probably the best way to experience the flavours of a restaurant, and that's what we did. Since Mr SharjahBound d been here before and was ranting and raving about it so much ever since, I just had to visit this place sometime soon. So Saturday night, off we went (also since it was his last week in India, this was kind of the last supper (dinner) without any betrayals :-) ) .

As we entered, the lighting and the decor looked very nice, and the menus were very creative indeed with their appearance. And although the lighting was a little dim for me to take photographs, I guess it went pretty well with the rest of the settings. The owner noticed that I had a camera and was clicking away at the menu cover, and walked up to me and politely told me that taking photographs of the menu wasn't allowed. I knew that, and told him that I wasn't planning to click snaps of the inside, but had just taken a picture of the menu's cover kept on the table for my blog and there was no mischief intended and he didn't make an issue out of it.

After a round of drinks (one for the road) of Bloody Mary and a Signature, we started off with the mutton soup, which although lacked even a fibre of goat meat, tasted and smelt great. We also ordered a mutton starter and ajwaini fish. The mutton tasted good, but I thought it was undercooked. Well cooked mutton should separate from the bones easily, and I had trouble tearing it off the bone, so even though it tasted good, I didn't quite like the fact that it wasn't cooked well enough. The fish was miles ahead in terms of taste and 'touch'. It was soft and flakey, like good fish is supposed to be.

For the main course, we ordered mutton keema parathas and a mutton side dish, which is by far the best mutton dish I've had in a long, long time. It was well seasoned, well flavoured, and the meat was tender. After that, we shared a kova stuffed paratha for dessert.

The service was good - efficient, warm, prompt, and helpful when it came to selecting dishes. Although me friend had told the owner that I blog about places I eat at, I didn't see any 'extra' attention being given to us - it was the same to the other guests too, so I give them full marks for that. Now for the bill. Hold your breath, and hold onto something. With the tip, the two of us raked up a bill of Rs. 2400 (Rs 2219 + tip, which we rounded off to 2400 ... yes, I'm old fashioned and believe that a tip of 10% or thereabouts is a sign of decency and maturity and so I don't act cheap when it comes to tipping at a place I thoroughly enjoyed eating at). Did we walk away regretting it - No. Did we walk away happy with what we ate (overall) - Yes. To me, that's all that matters!

More than Parathas, 610, 6th Block, 80 Feet Main Road, Koramangala, Bangalore. Phone: 41724630, 41724640, 41724650

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