Friday, October 10, 2008

La Casa

My mom and brother have gone to Mangalore, and I'm all alone at home. So Wednesday night, Mr P and Mr VP came over to stay at my place. Mr VP was supposed to bring some movie DVDs, and both of 'em were supposed to tell me what they wanted to have for dinner, and if they wanted anything to drink, but as things turned out, Mr VP didn't bring the DVDs, and neither of 'em told me specifically what to buy. And to cap off a bad beginning, my computer wasn't turning on, so all we had was TV.

We decided to go out for dinner as the take-away paratha point outside the apartments where I live was closed. So La Casa it was. Mr VP hasn't been eating like he usually does because of a upset stomach. Since we reached the restaurant pretty late, at around 10 PM when we got there(for those wondering why this is late, Bangalore has a curfew of 11:30 PM for places that serve food) , we decided to order everything at one go. Mr P and I started off with soups: Mr P had a Mexican mixed pot,

which was very good, even though it tasted a little like sweet tomato soup, while I had a cream of mushroom soup,

which I thought needed a little more seasoning.

I ordered a burger, hoping that it would a sung lil thing, so I ordered something called a Casanova, which was a chicken burger with mushrooms and cheese on top.

What this has to do with the real Casanova, I don't know, but I can tell you my proclivity to attract women is still the same (dismal). Mr P ordered something called a vegetable hotpot with a portion of garlic bread.

It looked like some vegetable stew, and turns out that was exactly what it was. Mr VP ordered a pasta (macaroni) Bolognaise, and when the order came, Mr P and I knew for sure he wasn't going to finish his food (and we were right).

What was more surprising was that Mr P decided to order a second dish, and he ordered a cottage cheese steak, Indianised. By Indianised, the waiter told us the masalas used were Indian, and not like a traditional steak.

Whatever! It tasted, well, like paneer (cottage cheese) and whatever masala was used was pretty decent, so nothing to complain about.

We were taking our own time, and at about quarter to 11, we started getting hints from the staff that it was time we hurried up. Since we were seated in the first floor, and were the only ones left there, we noticed that a guy came there and started cleaning the place. Soon, the fans went off. Woah! Hello, we're still here. Oh what the heck, we finished off quickly, paid and left. So finally, we get back home, and after watching some more TV, we hit the sack.

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Roops said...

so, when's this coming on burrp!?? :)


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